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Stylish Sando Genji Price in Khulna, Bangladesh

stylish sando genji

Stylish Sando Genji (স্টাইলিশ স্যান্ডো গেঞ্জি) is the most wearable for every man & boy. it is the more comfortable dress especially summer season. we are providing the best Sando Genji price in bd.

how many types of Sando Genji?

There are mainly two types of Sando Genji

  1. Simple Sando
  2. Boxer Sando

There is a lot of brand of Sando Genji in Bangladesh.

Sando Genji Feature & Details

  • Made in Bangladesh
  • Pure cotton dress
  • Low price in Khulna, Bangladesh
  • Many designs available
  • A lot of colors are available
  • Size S, M, L, and Free
  • Stylish Genji